Je grootste nachtmerrie: de ergste ongelukken in pretparken

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

Stars Insider

12/05/22 | StarsInsider

LIFESTYLE pretpark

Amusement parks are wonderlands that fulfill the dreams of young children and grown-up thrill-seekers alike. These giant, colorful playgrounds are popular destinations for family vacations and children’s birthday celebrations. On the surface, theme parks brim with joy and excitement. Visitors have absolute trust that the engineering of the rides guarantees their safety and that the companies running the parks take every precaution. After all, they wouldn’t be allowed to operate if there were any risks involved, right?

Actually, despite efforts to keep various scandals and accidents quiet, amusement parks all over the world have been held accountable for horrifying negligence, often resulting in the loss of innocent lives. Click through this gallery to learn about some of the most deadly examples of theme park mismanagement in history.


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